Hopelessness is the first word that came in my mind when I listened to this album. Pure fucking grim reality.
Necrotic dark riffs with -grindcore/black metal/all sick extreme stuff- influences.
And this thing reminds a lot of the "crust" (in the true meaning) 90's italian hc bands. There are a lot of instrumental grotesque ballads; growls, flute, plastic pig squeezed, sound of piss... in few words... REAL HARDCORE MAYHEM !
...and when I say hardcore I mean EXTREME STRAIGHT ON YOUR FACE stuff and not that faggotish-clean sound and pc attitude of too many italian bands
loved also by stupid chicks.

"Recorded in a week of august 2013. Two 10 watt amps, a voice/bass amp, drums and a chat microphone and this is enough for us".


-Some songs you can listen for free-